Why TeaQIP is the best solution for improving the teaching quality?

Our education system practices an autocratic way of teaching process where students have no say or any contributory role in their learning process. Even if a teacher is repeatedly committing mistakes like speaking too fast, not being audible enough, not clearing pupil’s doubts, teaching too fast, not using adequate teaching aids, not coming well prepared to take the class, being too strict and harsh, or even committing child abuse; students do not dare to point out these glaring mistakes of their teachers which hamper their learning upfront. Thus in the absence of any feedback from the students the teachers continue to deliver below-par teaching day in and day out. On top of that, we expect the students to show a sterling performance in the exams. It’s like throwing a boy into the pool to judge his swimming skills without teaching him how to swim!

This contradiction in the teaching-learning process and muffling of the students’ voices creates all the mental stress, academic pressure, disinterest, and apathy in students towards their education. At times the stress and frustration become so unbearable that students are driven to even take the extreme step of committing suicide.

The above has resulted in an ever-increasing suicide rate and decreasing employability among our youth. This is indicative of the degradation which has set in our school and college education system.

What’s The Way Out?

Given the above, it is very essential to have a system in place which not only gives voice to our students but also involves them in the process of improving the way they are taught in their class. This urgently needed intervention is surely going to bring back the excitement of learning in our youth and also keep the teachers on the path of continuous improvement.

TeaQIP - The Perfect Solution

TeaQIP student feedback system is designed to exactly achieve the above-mentioned purpose. It’s a process by which we can regularly pinpoint the weaknesses and strengths of our teachers based on their students’ feedback and generate customized remedial advice for every teacher to implement to improve their teaching quality.

Cloud Based Solution

Hosted in cloud environment so anyone can access it from anywhere at any point of time.


Parameters & processes can be customized at Institute level to make them personalized.

Reports & Analytics

Rolled-up as well as drilled-down views & analytics from Parent Institutions to Child Institutions.

Data Security

Advanced tenant data model & cryptography ensure complete data security of your data.

Feedback Evidence

All feedbacks are timestamped and stored in PDF as a proof of actual feedback submitted.

24x7 Support

End-to-end support for all our clients with an option to hire a dedicated support team.