Inspiring Souls

Inspiring Souls is a company founded by Col Sudhir Sinha in the year 2012. The team at Inspiring Souls is focused on enhancing the human capital in educational institutions, corporate companies, and society in general by conducting focused interventions as mentioned below:

Help educational institutions to become centers of teaching excellence by conducting the following student and teacher empowerment programs:

Teaching Quality Improvement Program (TeaQIP) – It is a novel way of improving teaching quality through remedial advice derived out of the analysis of their students' feedback on all teaching parameters. Know more

Teaching Technique & Teacher Motivation Workshops - These are internationally acclaimed transformational sessions for teachers. Know more

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Corporate Training - Help corporate companies to increase productivity by fostering high morale amongst the team members and to infuse leadership qualities to achieve the unachievable, by conducting the following empowerment programs:

•  Team Leadership & Managerial Effectiveness Workshops - Know more
•  Customer Centricity & Selling Skills Workshops
•  Transforming Managers Into Coaches
•  Inter-Personal Skills
•  Personal Leadership & Self-Motivation

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Youth Motivation & Confidence Building Workshops - The interactive workshops aim to motivate and inspire our students to take control of their lives so that they adopt the correct way of life, behavior, and habits which would not only help them to do well in studies but also to become a valuable member of their family and our society. Know more