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Solving the real challenge in education

Our core aim is - "To help teachers to make their teaching learning oriented, exciting, impactful, and relevant to the requirements of the industry and students expectations."

TeaQIP is a novel system which takes the feedback from the students on their teachers on all the teaching parameters and then does the diagnosis of the weaknesses and strengths in teaching ability of every teacher. Finally an Advisory Report tailored for each teacher is generated which lists out in detail the corrective measures which each of them need to take in order to improve their teaching practice in tune with the expectations of their students. An overall Advisory Report for the whole school also gets generated for the Principal and the Management to act upon. TeaQIP is the only system of it's kind in the world and spreading quite fast in schools and colleges alike.

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Cloud Based Solution

Hosted in cloud environment so anyone can access it from anywhere at any point of time.


Parameters & processes can be customized at Institute level to make them personalized.

Reports & Analytics

Rolled-up as well as drilled-down views & analytics from Parent Institutes to Child Institutes.

Data Security

Advanced tenant data model & cryptography ensure complete data security of your data.

Feedback Evidence

All feedbacks are timestamped and stored in PDF as a proof of actual feedback submitted.

24x7 Support

End-to-end support for all our clients with an option to hire a dedicated support team.

Col. Sudhir Sinha

Bringing a much needed paradigm shift in education

Col. Sudhir Sinha is an alumnus of the world famous National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla. He has served in the Indian Army for 24 years before he decided to convert his dreams into reality. To bring out the Entrepreneur, Trainer and Motivator in him he went on to establish a top class Delhi Public School in Pune, of which he has been the COO as well. Now he is deeply into Leadership Training, Motivational Workshops, TeacherTraining & Motivation. He also provides consultancy to schools for improving their teaching-learning process.

Col. Sinha has invented a unique program which is aimed at improving the quality of teaching in schools and colleges. It is called Teaching Quality Improvement Program (TeaQIP). It is a matter of pride that TeaQIP has been awarded an Indian Patent and is under consideration for grant of International Patent as well. TeaQIP is now drawing huge response from educationists in India and abroad in order to be implemented in their institutions. TeaQIP apart from many schools as mentioned above is being adopted in a big way in all the colleges and schools of Dr. DY Patil Pratisthan in Pune and Kolhapur.

His profound interest in teaching-learning process has led him to provide active consultancy to various schools and educational institutions in improving the standard of teaching-learning process by deploying TeaQIP and conducting Teacher Training and Motivation Workshops.

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How You Will Get Benefited?

- Keep teachers on the path of continuous improvement

- Provide periodic and timely feedback to the teachers

- Make teaching a pleasant & rich experience

- Help Teachers to overcome their weaknesses and leverage their strengths

- Focuses the attention of all teachers towards correct teaching practice

- Establishes a secure and constructive communication between students and teachers

- Lets the students voice their concerns, thus relieving them of all the stress and pressure

- Achieve mutual accountability in the educational process among the teachers and their pupils

- Strengthen the educational relationship between the teachers and their pupil

- Make learning a pleasant & rich experience

- Make teaching and learning a pleasant & rich experience

- Opens an honest communication between the student and their teachers

- The Management/Principal get a clear cut picture of the situation in the classrooms right on to their laptops

- Accurately diagnose the weaknesses and strengths in the teaching-learning process of any institution

- Improve the overall academic standard of the institution

- Increases the confidence level of parents and students in the institution

Why Choose Us

  • Unique & Extremely Powerful Tool

    TeaQIP is a very powerful tool in the hands of Teachers, Principals and School Management who want to achieve the highest level of teaching excellence and care for our children. It is for those education providers who are eager to make learning an exciting experience for their students.

  • Best help for teachers to teach better

    TeaQIP directly helps the teachers to teach better and students to learn better. It eliminates the stress out of students' learning experience which they suffer day to day and from exam to exam. It gets professionalism in the classroom teaching environment and causes a big change in the overall attitude of teachers towards their pupils and profession.

  • Blazing a new trail in education

    It is for those who are not only eager but brave enough to adopt this revolutionary concept in order to convert their educational institutions into true centers of excellence.

  • Making education democratic

    TeaQIP creates a win-win situation for all the stake holders – the students, the teachers, the parents, and the school management.

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TeaQIP is the best help for teachers to improve their teaching quality

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