Teaching Quality Improvement
Program (TeaQIP)

World's most comprehensive Student Feedback System which leads to the generation of actionable remedial advice customized for every teacher to help them improve upon their TEACHING QUALITY

What a leading educationist has to say

Capt AJ Singh
Executive Director - Pinegrove Schools, Dharampur & Subathu, Solan and St. Soldier’s School, Chandigarh

Teachers acting on students' feedback is fundamental to high-quality teaching

What Students Say About TeaQIP?


Unique Features of TeaQIP

  It's the only student feedback system which acts as pedagogical support for teachers

  Customized TeaQIP corrective advice for every teacher is derived through a diagnostic & analytical software

  It also generates historical analytical data at the level of individual teachers, departments, institutions, groups, regions, etc

  TeaQIP data and analytics help the management at all levels to make crucial decisions regarding financial, infrastructural and training needs

  Students' feedback responses are fully tamper-proof

  The identity of the students is fully protected as it is anonymous

  The margin of error is minimal as the scores of the whole Class are averaged out

  Authenticity, reliability, and objectivity of the TeaQIP Report is very high as it is conducted by an independent system

  TeaQIP ushers in a win-win situation for all the stakeholders i.e. students, teachers, parents, management and the Government

Student feedback, analysis & corrective advise in one tool

Aim - To help teachers to make their teaching learning-oriented, exciting, impactful, and relevant to the society, requirements of the industry and students expectations.

With the help of TeaQIP software tool, you can process the student feedback forms digitally. The software will do the real time data analysis and will also give historical data analysis to understand the weaknesses and strengths in teaching quality of every teacher on all teaching parameters.

Cloud Based Solution

Hosted in cloud environment so anyone can access it from anywhere at any point of time.


Parameters & processes can be customized at Institute level to make them personalized.

Reports & Analytics

Rolled-up as well as drilled-down views & analytics from Group Heads and down to Individual Institutions.

Data Security

Advanced tenant data model & cryptography ensure complete data security of your data.

Feedback Evidence

All feedbacks are timestamped and stored in PDF as a proof of actual feedback submitted.

24x7 Support

End-to-end support for all our clients with an option to hire a dedicated support team.

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